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Have you booked your Entertainment Yet?

cropped-sari-indiafair2013.jpgSo you have decided to have a Bollywood-themed event or are looking for something different as part of your entertainment but are not sure where to start?

Chances are you have already got everything else ready, but have left the entertainment until the last minute and now you’re madly trying to search for someone that can come and entertain all your guests for little or no cost at all because you’ve spent everything else on the venue, catering, decorations, invitations and so on.   Yet, if you want your party to rock (whether it’s a Bollywood-theme or not) then booking your entertainment early is nearly as important as booking the venue!

If you leave your entertainment booking until last, when you have no budget left, then you are going to end up picking the cheapest entertainment you can get – but entertainment is the supporting beam to any party so if you don’t have great entertainment then your event will suffer!   Sometimes you may luck knowing someone such as a friend or family member who is talented enough to keep the party going, but if you don’t you could end up with a DJ who has no personality and doesn’t care what music you want them to play; or performers who are lack-lustre and you find your audience falling asleep to their disengaging routines.

You want your event to be something your guests talk about for a long time after, so consider looking into your entertainment early!  You have to book the venue to ensure the date is available.  You have to book the caterers to ensure they are available on the day.  Yet, neither the venue nor the caterers need to do much else until a few days before your event.  Entertainers on the other hand need to arrange such things as music, rehearsals, costumes, props, travel, and sometimes even accommodation.  Entertainers have to also ensure their dancers are being paid fairly, and that costs such as rehearsal venue, public liability, and transport costs are covered.

So all we ask is that when you have decided to have an event, is to please consider your entertainment at the top of the list.  This will ensure the best entertainers are available for your event and you will have peace of mind knowing that your event will be a success!!

– Racheal has worked in the Events & Entertainment industry since 1996.