Our History

SARI Bollywood Dance was formed in late 2009 by Brisbane entertainer and dancer, Racheal Leigh.  After learning, teaching and performing with another Bollywood school, Racheal saw the need for a dedicated dance troupe to be formed as there were none around at the time.  So with the blessings of her teacher, Racheal formed SARI Bollywood Dance, and with dancer friend Meg, SARI made their first appearance at the “Fall in Love.. Bollywood Style” show run by Suman Dua.

In 2010, Meg left SARI due to moving away for a new work role, so a call-out for auditions was held which resulted in two new dancers joining the team – Laura & Alex.  For a while, it was just the three ladies, albeit a couple of other dancers joining for a short period here and there.

In 2011, Racheal SARI2-CristyMoxleywas asked to choreograph and perform a Bollywood segment as part of a variety theatre show.  As part of this show, we were delighted to meet the talented duo, Natasha and Gita.  They enjoyed the Bollywood so much that we asked them to join us.

Over the years we also welcomed Heather, Jessica, Vicky, Danae and Gillian to the group.   Jessica and Vicky both moved on due to changes in work and home life situations, so our team is currently a total of eight passionate dancers.

All our dancers have some form of background in dance and theatre, and between them have trained in a variety of styles including Broadway Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Ballroom & Latin, Bellydance, Irish Dance, and Kathak.  Several members of SARI are also singers or musicians (or both).

SARI are delighted to be able to share their passion for Bollywood and Indian Folk Dancing with audiences of all ages, and are fast becoming one of Queensland’s most respected dance troupes.


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